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Côte is a highly successful, often rewarded restaurant group with 45 locations (and counting) spread throughout Great Britain. Each location is of a French Bistro theme and features a distinctive menu at great prices. The restaurant chain is taking the UK by storm. Continuity of dining experience is critical to the success of the Côte brand as they service a fairly wide demographic of customer. Though no two locations look exactly alike, the furnishings and accessories remain consistent at each location.

Our most unique case history began modestly, starting with (believe it or not) a Breadbasket, followed by other individual serving items such as Square and Oval Wooden Serving Boards, and Frites Tins. These are very distinctive items and are critical to the feeling Côte needed to portray from location to location in order to build their brand.

“Some of the product lines that we used were discontinued by previous suppliers”, explains Côte Managing Director, Harald Samuelsson. “They really came to the rescue, making sure we could continue with the products that we use in the restaurants”.

After successful re-creation of these designs and successful delivery, the relationship continued to grow. Coat stands were needed in each restaurant and this time we designed a dramatic piece that fit right in to the restaurants décor.

Finally, Côte sent to us pictures and rough measurements of the three chairs that were using throughout their restaurants. They were signatures of the Brasserie experience. Without the luxury of a sample, we created mechanical drawings for each chair and well, after two reorders, the rest is history.

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Our QC standards are the highest in the industry. Our staff personally touches, measures, test, prods and weighs all new custom products that are part of your order. We leave nothing to chance, nothing to habit, YOUR quality is never compromised . Our staff oversee every phase of production, delivery of raw materials, production process, packaging and delivery into the container. We keep you informed during all phases of your order and we even coordinate the logistics for you. Some companies charge extra for this type of order servicing, this is a free service to our clients.

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