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  • GlobalResources2

    copper plated laser cut

  • Zodiac

    clear acrylic laser cut signage

  • Toyota

    made of combination wooden and glass parts

  • SingsCuisine

    digitally printed wood panel assembled to screen printed acrylic panel

  • Overtons

    painted wood with acrylic details signage

  • Oceana

    digitally printed custom cut acrylic panels

  • Marketplace

    full colour digitally printed acrylic panel assembled to walnut wood backpanel

  • Monticello

    painted acrylic laser cut

  • GlobalResources

    black acrylic laser cut with LED

  • Floor

    stainless steel stamped with custom coloured acrylic back, finished with clear tempered glass panel

  • Firekeepers

    Clear acrylic and painted wood signage piece

  • DublinCompany

    full custom created signage - mixed materials

  • Drive

    take this one of the website please

  • CIC-Seals

    metalized resin shield

  • Cappuccinos

    brushed stainless steel laser cut

  • Bush

    customized signage made of wood and aluminum plated product with real-life can

  • Bubba

    made with wood, aluminum and cut to shape stainless parts

  • DOS-Seals

    bronze fill logo creation

  • Artist

    powder coated stainless steel letters and frame

  • Armadillos

    powder coated stainless steel letters

  • AllStar

    Painted wood and acrylic signage piece


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Philippines Location

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Basak Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

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