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Home Decor

  • Wood Hand Mirror

    Wood vintage finished hand mirror

  • Wooden Trivet

    decor finished trivet made by wood material

  • Wine Wood Stand

    Wine cooler with wood stand and copper plated base

  • Rope Basket

    Natural rope basket

  • Copper Serving Bowl

    Copper finished serving bowl

  • Metal Framed Lamp

    Metal framed rope lamp

  • Vintage Stone Statue

    Vintage look stone statue

  • Stone Sanded Bust

    Stone sanded bust

  • WAP2304A

    Glazed Silver & Beige Glaze Finish

  • WAP2302GA

    Golden Arrow Finish

  • WAP2301A

    Goldman Gold & Absolute Silver Finish

  • WAP23

    -Beige Glaze & Absolute Silver finish -Gold Nugget Finish

  • WAP-C-B

    -Goldman Gold Finish -Silver Jenny Finish

  • A184GT

    Harlequin Grey Candle Holder and Harlequin Sterling Candle Holder

  • A177

    Scallop Box and Candle Holders

  • WAP2298B

    Gold Nugget & Goldman Finish

  • WAP2298A

    Gold Nugget & Goldman Finish

  • A150

    Golden Leaf Candle Holder

  • A146

    Tuscan Candle Holder

  • WAP-A-GN

    -Gold Nugget & Beach Front Finish -Gold Nugget Finish

  • WAP2222A

    Antique Gold, Gold Nugget & Wood Grain Finish

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